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Turkey exports $139 billion worth of goods every year and currently ranks 25th as the world’s largest export economy. Turkey is known as a main important destination for imported goods in many countries. The exchange rates encourage many investors and traders to start importing from Turkey with a great opportunity of high profits and returns.

Turkey has Europe’s sixth largest economy. This rapidly growing economy, direct trade routes, a government keen to encourage trade and a strong geographical position linking Europe and Asia, all mean that Turkey has already positioned itself as a valuable trade partner.

The most important export products to Turkey, automotive, garments and textiles, white goods, agricultural and food products. The countries with the largest share in Turkey’s exports, respectively; Germany with 9.6%, United Kingdom with 6.6%, Italy with 5.7%, Iraq with 5.0% and the USA with 4.9%.


For example, Textile and Apparel industry of Turkey has an important role in world textile trade with the capability to meet the high standard and a broad range of products. Turkish production and export of the industry have shifted from low value-added commodities to high value-added manufactured items and fashionable goods. The export value of Turkey textile industry has reached a value of USD 27.56 Bn. Turkey is booming the textile and apparel industry with amazing design capacity, hi-tech solutions, dynamic and flexible production capacity.

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