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What is Aunreo ?

Aunreo (Associated Union of Real Organisations) is Turkey based export import company, which started its operations in Istanbul / Turkey in 2008 We are full service firm with over 12 years of experience assisting companies with every aspect of their market needs.

From translation and localization, to market research and market penetration strategies, you can count on our network of experts and tens of in-country manufacturers & resources to help your business accomplish exactly the success you envision. 

We can also investigate and research in Turkey for the specific products that you need with the as low as reasonable price with high quality.

What does Aunreo do ?

Aunreo is an independent Export Import trading company that provides support for companies who want to supply products from Turkish manufacturers.  Upon request we also may provide you alternative Turkish suppliers with different prices and product quality, so you can choose the best option upon your needs.

2019 Export Journey Of Turkey

Turkey’s export has been reached an all-time high $180.50 billion showing growth rate of 2.04% in 2019 compared to the previous year, according to the report published by Turkish Ministry of Trade, The Turkish government is encouraging both local and foreign investors by reducing investment related costs and creating a more investor-friendly environment. In parallel, Turkish Government spent $540 million in 2019. This is the largest figure for supporting exports in the history of the country. Turkish Government is expected to increase these incentives to $640 million in 2020.

The main destination of Turkey’s export in 2019 was Germany with $16.6 billion, while the U.K. $11.28 billion and Iraq $10.2 billion followed it. In January-December 2019, the coverage ratio of exports to imports increased from 76.5% to 85.8% compared to previous year. Foreign trade made a record contribution of 4.7 points to the country’s growth, the largest contribution seen in 18 years in Turkey.


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