What is Aunreo ?

Aunreo (Associated Union of Real Organisations) is Turkey based export import company, which started its operations in Istanbul / Turkey in 2008 focusing on industrial packaging solutions.

We are full service firm with over 12 years of experience assisting companies with 2 aspect of their market needs:

1) Supply From Turkish Manufacturers

2) Sell Your Products to Turkish Buyers

What does Aunreo do ?

Aunreo is an independent Export Import trading company that provides support for companies who want to supply products from Turkish manufacturers.  Upon request we also may provide you alternative Turkish suppliers with different prices and product quality, so you can choose the best option upon your needs.

In addition, we help export companies to sell their products in Turkey. We have a broad Turkish buyer portfolio and offer your products to Turkish buyers, so you can increase your profit by reaching to new customers.  We also arrange all the paperwork in line with Turkish Custom Regulations, and provide transportation  directly from your company to Turkish buyers.

Can I sell my products to Turkey?

Yes, You can sell your products in Turkey even you have not done yet. We have numerous contacts who know us, respect us, and we can recommend your products to Turkish buyer companies, no matter in which in category.

We can search for the potential buyers in your sector and find new Turkish customers who may be interested with your products.

How do you promote my products to Turkish buyers ?

Unfortunately, most of Turkish companies do not have a seperate import & export deparment and they are not able to search for alternative products due to lack of foreign language.

Aunreo offer your products in Turkish to its customers and other local potential buyers. Advertising your items in local language with effective words in our campaigns will help you boost your sales in Turkey. Approved E-mail marketing, online adds, and personal network of our agents with related purchasing managers are the main tools that we use,

If you have another questions

Please send us all your questions or product /service queries.

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